Warranty Policy

Unless stated, all products sold on this website come with a 12 month manufacturer's warranty when installed by a licensed mechanic.

Steps to lodge a warranty claim.

  1. Email us with an explanation of the issue and any diagnostic work you have completed along with your invoice number (it starts with an "N"). Email: sales@efisolutions.com.au
  2. Depending on the issue we may need you to return the part for testing to confirm it's faulty. At this stage the buyer (you) will need to pay for postage, if found to be faulty your postage costs will be re-imbursed, ensure you keep a copy of the return postage receipt.
  3. Package the item up and send it back, make sure you include a copy of your invoice with the return.
  4. Email us a copy of the tracking number once shipped back.
  5. Once the item has arrived back and has been inspected, we will contact you with an outcome.
  6. If found to be faulty we will replace the item, refund your return shipping costs and ship it back out to you. If the item is out of stock, we will issue you a refund for the item along with your return shipping costs.
  7. If there is no fault found you will be required to pay to have the item shipped back to you, your return postage costs will not be re-imbursed.

Warranty Exclusions

This warranty will not apply to a defect or fault to the extent to which it arises:

  • due to storage, handling or installation of the Products otherwise than in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions or without reasonable care;
  • due to operation, use or maintenance of the Products otherwise than in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions or without reasonable care;
  • due to accidental damage or to use of the Products for a purpose or in environmental conditions for which the Products were not designed or sold, or use of the products outside the specified or normal operating ranges for such Products;
  • as a result of changes which occur in the condition or operational qualities of the Products due to climate or other environmental influence, foreign material contamination or water entry or as a result of exposure to excessive heat or solvents;
  • from normal wear and tear or when replacement or repair of parts would be part of normal maintenance or service of the Products (for example, bearings or brushes).
  • as a result of repairs, alterations or modifications to the Product which have been performed by a third party;
  • from the use of any spare parts not manufactured, sold or approved by the manufacturer in connection with the repair or replacement of Product, or
  • as a result of any other defective or malfunctioning parts in the vehicle in which the Product has been installed.