Camshaft Selection

There are a few choices here and we will discuss a few of the common options.


More suited to wild N/A setups the SR20ve N1 cams work great, they can be found here. These can also be used in a turbo application, but adjustable cam gears will be required to remove some of the overlap. We have these here.


Great for mild horsepower applications of around 300-400hp. 

SR20VE (20v) P12 CAMS

Great for high horsepower applications of around 400-800hp. Unfortunately these have been discontinued by Nissan and are no longer available.

Kelford 184-T CAMS

292/303 Duration, 11.40mm Lift. Nissan SR20VE camshafts for high HP TURBOCHARGED engines for drag racing. We have these here.

Kelford 184-ST CAMS

290/290 Duration, 10.20mm Lift. Nissan SR20VE camshafts for high performance, turbocharged street cars. We have these here.