Crank Angle Sensor (CAS)

There are a few options here…

1st is to use the P12 CAS, this will bolt into any of the VE heads and the stock det CAS plug will work with it. This is by far the easiest approach. As the only modifications needed is to shorten the CAS wiring.

There has been a few reported issues with the CAS and running problems, but there are also plenty of cars out there running them with no issue at all.

These can be setup in any ECU as a normal det CAS

There are a few people out there that say the CAS’s hit the firewall. If your using nismo engine mounts this may become an issue as nismo mounts will raise the motor slightly. If your using stock or lower engine mounts (ie cusco) then you will have no issues in either S13/180sx or S15 (s14 is yet to be confirmed). Also if your running an RB25 or VG gearbox then this will also raise motor and become an issue.

The CAS can be found here.

2nd is to use a cam trigger wheel, this uses a magnetic Hall pickup to send the trigger & home signal to the ECU. This works very well.

Your ecu also needs to be able to accept the correct trigger wheel (ie 12 + 1)

We produce a kit that can be found here.

3rd is to use a crank trigger. By far the best to use if you can set one up. This will give you the best signal for the ECU to fire off as it comes directly from the crank and not somewhere that’s connected by a chain or belt.

We have a crank trigger kit available here.

Again your ecu also needs to be able to accept the correct trigger wheel (ie 24 + 1)