Genuine Nissan S13/180sx SR20 heater and coolant hoses.

Please see the diagrams above to select the required hoses.

Hose 1 - Heater Hose Elbow
Hose 2 - IACV Return Hose
Hose 3 - IACV Feed Hose
Hose 4 - Thermostat Rear Hose
Hose 5 - Short Large Hose from Temp Housing
Hose 6 - Throttle Body Feed Hose
Hose 7 - Throttle Body Return Hose
Hose 8 - Long Straight Heater Hose
Hose 9 - Turbo Hose Behind Head

Hose 1a - Heater Hose from Rear of Motor
Hose 2b - Heater Hose to Firewall
Hose 3c - Heater Hose Small Bend to Firewall
Hose 4d - Heater Hose to Rear of Motor

S13 Silvia (SR20 only)
RPS13 180sx (SR20 only)

SKU 202-050
Brand Genuine Nissan
MPN: 14055-52F10, 92413-52F00, 14056-52F15, 92412-52F00, 14056-52F10, 92400-52F00, 14080-52F01, 92402-52F00, 14055-V0700, 14056-52F00, 14056-52F06, 21514-02C11, 14056-79E00

Top service !

By: on 25 June 2022
diagrams bang on

Pricey but genuine goodness

15 October 2019
Obviously quite pricey for what they are (especially the straight rubber hoses) but I guess they're just importing from Japan for you. Awesome replacements when water pipes are corroded out and feels good to have brand new piping and hoses in my 27 year old car

Excellent service

By: on 23 June 2017
Needed genuine replacement heater hose for my 180sx. Part was dispatched promptly.

Heater and Coolant Hoses "S13, 180sx SR20"

By: on 28 October 2016
Excellent prompt service with plenty of info with provided tracking # Thank you I will be back as a customer

Great service

By: on 6 October 2016
Genuine part as per description

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