Genuine Nissan fuel injector cap insulator.

These are the little insulators inside the injector caps on some SR20, RB and VQ motors.

**Sold individually


Australian Domestic Market (ADM)
A32 Maxima (VQ30DE)
B13 NX Coupe (SR20DE)
C23 Serena (SR20DE) "Years: 05/1992 - 09/1994"
N14 Pulsar (GA16DE)
N14 Pulsar (SR20DE)
N15 Pulsar (GA16DE)
N15 Pulsar (SR20DE)
S14 Silvia 200sx (SR20DET)
S15 Silvia 200sx (SR20DET)
U13 Bluebird (KA24DE)
Z32 300zx (VG30D)

Japanese Domestic Market (JDM)
S13 Silvia (SR20DE)
S13 Silvia (SR20DET)
RPS13 180sx (SR20DE)
RPS13 180sx (SR20DET)
S14 Silvia 200sx (SR20DE)
S14 Silvia 200sx (SR20DET)
S15 Silvia 200sx (SR20DE)
S15 Silvia 200sx (SR20DET)
R33 Skyline (RB25DE)
R33 Skyline (RB25DET)
Z32 300zx (VG30D)
Z32 300zx (VG30DTT)
WC34 Stagea (RB25DE) "Years: 09/1996 - 08/1997"
WC34 Stagea (RB25DE) "Years: 09/1996 - 08/1998"
P11 Primera (SR20ve)
C34 Laurel (RB25DE)
C34 Laurel (RB25DET)
C35 Laurel (RB25DET) "Years: 06/1997 - 09/1998"
N14 Pulsar (SR18DE)
N14 Pulsar (GA16DE)
N15 Pulsar (SR18DE)
N15 Pulsar (SR16VE)
N15 Pulsar (GA16DE)
P10 Primera (SR20D)
P10 Primera (SR20DE)
P11 Primera (SR20DE)
P11 Primera (SR20VE)
A32 Cefiro (VQ20DE)
A32 Cefiro (VQ25DE)
A32 Cefiro (VQ30DE)
B13 Sunny / Sentra (SR18DE)
B13 Sunny / Sentra (GA16DE)
B14 Sunny / Sentra (SR18DE)
B14 Sunny / Sentra (GA18DE)
B14 Sunny / Sentra (SR16VE)
B15 Sunny / Sentra (SR16VE)
C23 Serena (SR20DE)
C23 Serena (GA16DE)
U12 Bluebird (SR20D)
U12 Bluebird (SR20DT)
U13 Bluebird (SR20DE)
U13 Bluebird (SR20DET)
U13 Bluebird (KA24DE)
U14 Bluebird (SR20DE)
​​​​​​​U14 Bluebird (SR20VE)

Note: This product may not be supplied in Nissan packaging,
but rest assured it is Genuine Nissan. These parts are supplied in bags
containing a QTY of 5, we will then split this up for sale to our customers.

SKU 208-004
Brand Genuine Nissan
Shipping Weight 0.0150kg
MPN: 16635-53J0A

injector caps

By: on 7 September 2017
Perfect OEM part as always.

Rebuild your injector rail to new condition

By: on 17 April 2015
Cheap replacement for 15 year old original rubber.

Thank you very much

By: on 9 March 2015
Exactly what I wanted thank you very much. We need guys like you because of car culture

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