Mitsubishi Front Timing / Crank Seal "4D56, 4D65, 4D68, 4G32, 4G33, 4G61, 4G63, 4G64, G63B, G64B"

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Genuine Mitsubishi Front Timing / Crank Seal.

L300: L032P, L039P, P01V, P01W, P02V, P02W, P03V, P03W, P04V, P04W, P05W, P12V, P12W, P13V, P13W, P14V, P14W, P15V, P15W   
Engines: 4D56, 4G32, 4G33, 4G63, 4G64, G63B, G64B

Triton: KJ3T, KJ4T, KK3T, KK4T, KL3T, KL4T   
Engines: 4D56, 4G64

RVR: N13W, N14W, N18W, N23W, N23WG, N24W, N28W, N28WG, N63W, N64W, N64WG, N73WG, N74WG   
Engines: 4D68, 4G63, 4G64

Legnum: EA3W, EC3W   
Engines: 4G64

Delica: L036P,L039G, L039P, L063P, L069P, P01V, P02V, P03V, P03W, P04V, P04W, P05T, P05V, P05W, P07V, P12V, P13T, P13V, P15T, P15V, P15W, P17V, P23V, P23W, P24W, P25T, P25V, P25W, P27V, P35W, P45V, PA3V, PA3W, PA4W, PA5V, PA5W, PB3V, PB4V, PB4W, PB5V, PB5W, PC3W, PC4W, PC5W, PD3W, PD4V, PD4W, PD5V, PD5W
Engines:  4D56, 4G63, 4G64, G32B, G33B, G63B, G64B

Lancer Including EVO: C13A, C14A, C14AS, C14V, C14W, C18A, C34V, C34W, C37V, C37W, C63A, C64A, C73A, C74A, CB7A, CB8A, CB8AR, CB8W, CD7A, CD8A, CD9A, CE9A, CK8A, CK8AR, CM8A, CN9A, CP9A, CS7A, CS7W, CS9A, CS9W, CT9A, CT9W   
Engines: 4D65, 4D68, 4G37, 4G61, 4G63, 4G69, G37B

Pajero: K94W, KH4W, KR3W, KS3W, L041G, L043G, L044G, L044GV, L046G, L048G, L049G, L049GV, L049GW, L144G, L144GW, L144GWG, L149G, L149GW, L149GWG, V11V, V11W, V14C, V14V, V21C, V21W, V24C, V24V, V24W, V24WG, V31V, V31W, V34V, V34W, V41W, V44W, V44WG, V47WG, V64W, V74W   
Engines: 4D55, 4D56, 4G64, G63B

Outlander: CU2W, CU4W, CU5W   
Engines: 4G63, 4G64, 4G69


SKU 213-050
Brand Mitsubishi
Shipping Weight 0.0800kg
MPN: MD343563

Genuine parts

By: on 3 December 2020
Genuine parts at much lower prices than the dealer

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